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Across I-40



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12/29 & 12/30/09 -

12/29/09, Wynne, AR - It was tough leaving the hospitality of our hosts, Fred and Meredith. Fred checked with me throughout the day and later brought me a gift of grain - Thank You!

We were a little late getting out of the gate in the morning, so it was about 2 pm before we pulled in to the City of Wynne. First stop was Walmart , on the north end of town to pick up a couple of things, to include some prescriptions. These took a little longer then expected to fill, so it was already 3:30 before we started driving across Wynne.

While in the Walmart parking lot, a whole lot of people stopped by to say ‘hi’ and to pet the horses.

it was getting close to dark when a nice guy offered us a spot at his business.  There wasn’t any grass to erect a playpen, so I tied the horses to a fence for the night.  They stood real nice, and had their matching horse blankets on, so they looked like the sidelines for a football team.

12-30-09 002

Myself and Fred Schweighart.

12-30-09 026

Driving through Wynne

12-30-09 015

“Hey, don’t worry lady, have you ever heard of a horse philosopher that bites?”

12-30-09 024


Doc casts a knowing eye at the little ones.  He knows they’re always good for a rub or a treat.

We got any early start from our camping spot, just south of the city of Wynne. Shortly after lunch, we crossed interstate 40. The last time I did this was in January, as I was making my way south, through the midst of Tennessee.

This evening, we’re camped a couple of miles to the east of Palestine, AR. The pictures below, show a couple of brothers who were a great help hauling water and feeding the horses.  They were also very ingenious at finding ways to move a large bale of hay.

Tomorrow, we’re continuing west on U.S. Route 70.  When we get to Route 63, I plan on turning south for U.S, Route 79. I got this tip from John McComsey, who earlier this year, backed up on lot of traffic on a 4 mile long bridge - we’ll be bypassing it.

12-30-09 038

Crossing I-40

12-30-09 054

Brothers, Hunter and Fisher, finding the best way to carry a 70 lbs bale of hay.

12-30-09 056

And, if the previous technique doesn’t work too well, there are alternate methods!