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3/11/10, Impact, TX - Most of the day was spent driving across the City of Abilene. This morning, I talked with fellow teamster, Dan James and he gave me some good pointers for my route and a camping place for the night. Where a cross street met US 84, there was a busy interchange and we had to pull on to US Route 84 for about a 1/4 mile.  Most of the time crossing the city, we were on Treadaway Ave. My first stop was at Autozone Auto Parts, for a new inverter.  Fortunately, they had the same model as the old one on the wagon, so when I changed them out, it was a breeze.

The road was busy, and there wasn’t much of a shoulder, so I didn’t get a lot of people stopping to talk.  Right after Autozone, I stopped to talk with a few folks, including a photographer from the Abilene Newspaper.

I stopped for lunch in the parking lot for the St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School.  I thought it was an appropriately named parish in which to stop the team for rest and nourishment. While we were there, Teamster Billy Sparks picked up a hamburg for me and a couple of bales of hay for the team -  Thanks Billy. Lunch time included a lot of guests and was really fun.

The afternoon driving was fairly uneventful, but included talking with folks every mile or two. Tonight, we’re camped at the MBS feedstore, along the service road for route 83, about 3 miles north of the edge of the city.  Mike and Duane, the owners, have been fantastic; ensuring that we’re well supplied with hay and grain.

This was a fantastic day, where just about everything went well.


3-11-10 001

New inverter, waiting to be installed.

3-11-10 002

Fair is fair; I try to ensure that all Journalists get their five seconds of fame as well!

3-11-10 003

This is the first time that this young lady has ever even touched a horse. Doc wanted to make sure it was an experience that she wouldn’t forget.

3-11-10 004

Billy Sparks, a fellow teamster who brought me some hay and bought me lunch. He drives Percheron/Shire crosses.

3-11-10 005

Camped at the feed store.  In this shot, the team is in a nice pen at the feed store, right next to an abandoned refinery that hasn’t operated for 15 years.