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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
A Unicorn in the Sunshine

11/5/09, Bentonville, IN - It looks like the wagon will be pulling out in a little over a week.  I’ve got a laundry list of things to do on the wagon, but I’m knocking them off.

One of my main goals is to keep all the water lines from freezing this winter.  I’m not going to be so bold as to say they won’t freeze; but they’re now fairly freeze resistant.

I ordered new rear brake assemblies and bearings for the wagon from Pioneer Equipment yesterday. The UPS man delivered them today.  I didn’t trust the old ones, so swapping them out is my chore for tomorrow morning.

Today, I took the lads out for another spin. All in all, they did real well.  As Bob the Horse says, “Horses learn real quick”! With six months as a lead in a 4-Up hitch, Doc takes to the Unicorn like a fish to water.  Most of the work is getting the two Belgians to relax and play follow the leader - although they’re starting to come along pretty good.

It’s nice to have four lines back in my hands again. It’s particularly challenging with the Unicorn hitch, which is quite a bit harder to drive than the 4-Up. Before I drove the hitch, I was afraid that Doc would get bumped in the butt quite a bit when the wheelers picked up the pace. That hasn’t been the case at all.  He hears and feels them pick up the pace and adjusts his speed accordingly.

After another hitch or two, I’m going to start putting them through some fancier paces, with some sweep turns and backing. Then we’ll be ready to handle some traffic out on US Rte. 40 and in town.

P.S. Clementine is also itching to get back on the road.  I think she believes this barngalo life is only for ‘Non-Wagon Doggies.

Does it get better than this?


11-5-09 010

Come on Clem, you only have two front paws, how are you going to handle four lines?

11-5-09 015

Clem at the the lines (oops, she has four paws she can use!)

11-5-09 016

Driving with four lines.

11-5-09 020

A trip around the block with the gang!

11-5-09 021