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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
A Teamster First?


6/1/10, Cimmaron, CO - Finally, I have accomplished three significant events: I finished my brief vacation in the high country, I regained internet service, and I successfully completed a long term wagon goal - take a shower while driving 4000 pounds of horseflesh down the road!

Leaving Rowdy Lake, I knew I would have a tough pull up a short hill, so I hitched up my ‘tough guys’, Bill and Doc.  It was a wise choice. Not only were they running in fourth gear from their grain, they also had their minds set on some cute mares at the Bar E Ranch.  Leading up to the hill, we did what any team of the wild west would do, and we went to a hard gallop.  The inertia and the thought of the cute mares did the rest, and we didn’t slow down until we were on top - yee haw.

By the time we hit the road, they were still full of it, so we trotted most of the first four miles to the small town of Silver Jack.

6-1-10 00102

This little boy in Silver Jack did a good job of feeding carrots to Doc and Bill, but got a little scared giving one to Bob.

After filling the water tank on the wagon and greeting a few folks in town, we were off once more. The boys kept up a good pace through a lot of road construction, until we reached our lunch break, 8 miles further down the road.

While at lunch I rigged the wagon to support my latest attempt at a loony stunt - taking a shower while I drive the team down the road.  This has been a goal of mine ever since I built the shower onto the front porch of the wagon.  I thought, ‘wow, I can now shower as I drive a team; I bet nobody has ever done it!’

6-1-10 00202

The wagon rigged for an on-road shower, while driving a team.  Note the shower curtain lowered with twine and the floorboard lifted to expose the shower tub.

To successfully pull off this stunt without having a runaway or exposing the public to sights they shouldn’t see, and still have a chance of entering the Guiness Book of Records, I had to set forth certain criteria: shower ‘au natural’, shampoo my hair and get a good wash (I needed it), lower the shower curtain so I could see and drive, and only stop the team and tie back the lines for dressing and undressing. 

Everything worked as planned except I forgot the ‘No-more-tears’ shampoo.  The following four shots revealed the difficulties I encountered.

6-1-10 01102

“Ahhh, soap in my eyes, I can’t see to drive.”

6-1-10 012

A quick peak to see if I’m still headed down the road.

6-1-10 01302

Washing the soap out of my eyes. This is one time that I wished for a higher flow shower head.

6-1-10 01402

‘I can see again, and yes we haven’t driven into the ditch.’ Fortunately, Doc had a paint mare, at the ranch, in his mind’s eye; and it was almost as good as having an autopilot!

Except for the minor detail with soap in my eyes, everything worked as planned.  When it was all said and done, I felt really refreshed and was awful glad that I didn’t have to control a runaway team with soapy eyes, while clad in my birthday suit!

The last couple of miles to the Bar E were refreshing and peaceful.  Not long after the shower, I drove by a nice herd of Mule Deer that weren’t too concerned with my presence (I know my smell wasn’t bothering them).

Before heading home, Caroline ran me up to the store in Cimmaron, then to the top of Cerro Hill, where I had a good Verizon signal to post my blogs for the past three days.  A special thanks to Caroline for managing to capture some great pictures of my latest attempt at lunacy.

Tomorrow, I’m taking the day off and enjoying the wonderful hospitality here at the Bar E Ranch. To keep busy, I’m going to help Linda work on the irrigation system. I think Doc plans on rubbing necks across the fence, with a couple of mares.

Thursday, I plan on heading for the Museum of the Mountain West, located a couple of miles east of Montrose on Route 50. Saturday, June 5th, is the ‘Western Movies Day’. When you mix three heavy horses, a warwagon, and a John Wayne impersonator (Ermal Williamson); there has to be a good time!  Come on out - it will be a great time!

6-1-10 02002

One of about 10 mule deer by the side of the road. The others moved off to the right, just before I shot this picture.