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A Short Haul  Before Running Erie



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10/26/08 - Harbor Creek, PA - I got off to a late start from Larry’s place.  Larry was a perfect host and treated the horses and I like royalty. I figure that anybody that likes horses as much as he does, should definitely have a few.  I hope Larry gets his real soon!

The last 50 miles of travel have been a sea of grapes. Most have already been picked, but when a strong wind is blowing across an unpicked vineyard, the air smells like a freshly opened jar of Welch’s grape juice. The vineyards are great, but I’m ready for some good old fashioned corn, soybean and alfalfa fields.  The second picture shows the vineyards extending all the way to the coat of Lake Erie, several miles away.

I try to always stop to give children a chance to pet the horses.  The third picture shows a father instructing his young man on the proper technique for feeding carrots to a horse (the two girls over by Dolly had already mastered the procedure.)

We only moved about 8 miles today. I wanted to be positioned close enough to Erie so that we could move through the entire city in a day and camp on the other side.

I’m spending the night at Floyd Piazza’s place.  Floyd is a farrier that I talked to on the phone a couple of days ago when I was looking for some horseshoes.  Floyd has a pasture full of good graze for the team, which they’re enjoying immensely. 

We’ve now been on the road for 10 weeks and have covered about 650 miles. Most of the time it feels like a magical journey, where people are friendly, wave, take our picture and stop to talk with me.  When it’s 5:30 pm, there is a wind driven cold rain, and I haven’t found a place to stay yet, it doesn’t seem very magical.  But then I settle into a nice place, get the horses bedded down, have a good supper and a nice warm cup of coffee and - presto, chango - it’s once more a fairy tale!


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