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3/6/10, Santa Anna, TX - This was another banner day.  After Susan Westfall cooked me a up a great breakfast, I said ‘goodbye’ to my hosts and hit the road. We made rather slow time today (which was okay) because every few minutes someone would pull us over to chat.  This part of Texas has is full of friendly people that are interested in the wagon and horses.

The team now pulls in automatically for people.  Of course they don’t know the best places to stop, so this doesn’t usually work to my advantage.  They were really excited when Wendell Byler, from the Byler Angus Farm stopped with a couple of gifts for me, and a nice bale of New Mexico grown, alfalfa for the horses. Doc managed to stretch his lead rope enough to allow him to munch down a piece of the bale as we went down the road.

3-6-10 001 3-6-10 005

Shortly after lunch, we came into the town of Santa Anna.  I had to turn down an offer for a free lunch at the diner, as I just finished off one of the burritos that I given yesterday. It seemed like half the town turned out and was was waving as we drove by. This is very nice town, that has a nicely restored downtown section. There’s a large mesa to the north that dominates the landscape.

3-6-10 011
3-6-10 008

Not long after leaving Santa Anna, I met up with Lisa, who drove down from Dallas to see me.  Lisa has been following the blog for over a year and missed the chance to see me when I was a little closer to Dallas. While I drove to a roadside park, a couple of miles down the road, Lisa bought Clem and I a steak dinner, from a restaurant up the road. After I set up camp, Clem and I chowed down on a really good ribeye!  We’re now camped about 3 miles north of the town of Santa Anna, on US Route 84.

3-6-10 002

Pulled over for lunch

To give you an idea on how the travel was today - for the last mile to the roadside park we stopped three times to chat with folks. The first guy was interested in farming with horses - I gave him some phone numbers of people to contact in the area. The second time was a quick chit-chat. The third time, i pulled over for some picture-takers, and Bill stopped quick enough to break the end of his pole strap. I did a fast repair job, and we were back on the road in five minutes.

3-6-10 010

Doc, charming the pretty girls and youngsters!

Tonight, the horses are all in their electric playpen. It’s a primitive campsite, so I had to use water from the jugs and I have the generator running. When I get to the City of Coleman tomorrow, I’ll have to stop at a gas station and buy some more gas and fill the water jugs.  Since I’ve been here, about half a dozen folks have stopped by, but now that it’s getting dark, I should have the rest of the evening for myself.

3-6-10 004

This is a first - Bob was asked to pose with a toy horse for a school report that this man’s daughter had to give.

Internet service is good, so it shouldn’t be a problem posting this blog After I finish answering some E-mails, I should have an hour or two to do some writing.

I really enjoyed this day, and Central Texas has been fantastic. Tomorrow, I’ll be passing through the City of Coleman on my way north. The next big city is Abilene (around 100,000 people) which we should pull into on the 11th. While in Santa Anna, I did an interview with a reporter for the Abilene paper, so I imagine they’ll be expecting us.

3-6-10 013

Clementine, enjoying her steak dinner - compliments of Lisa, from Dallas

3-6-10 014

A really nice and scenic roadside park to camp in!