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A Nice Day Off in Gilmer



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2/2/10, Gilmer, TX - We had a short run yesterday, then accepted an invitation to stay over with Mark and Essie. We were two miles past their, house, but the horses needed a rest, so off we went.

Mark and Essie are a nice couple who have quite a collection of family and friends living around and with them. This has been one of the most enjoyable visits we have had on this trip.

Essie’s brother Robert Ross and his friend Melissa showed us how to get there and settled us in. Not long after we arrived, Essie’s other brother, Wayne Ross, etched the rear window of the wagon with a very nice drawing of two horses. I had to put some new shoes on Bill’s rear feet, so I did that while the artist was at work.

Last night, we had a great barbecue with the whole clan, which includes several children and women that are recovering from failed and abusive relationships. The evening was very special, with a lot of smiles, laughter and good times.

This morning, Robert and Wayne took me out to resupply with some more grain and groceries. In the evening, we went over for another great supper, then Doc was kind enough to give a whole bunch of kids a ride around the yard.

The horses, Denise and I had a great time here and thoroughly enjoyed our stay.

Tomorrow, we’re headed through the town of Gilmer on our way southwest, on Route 155, towards the city of Tyler.

2-2-10 005

The wonderful new window etching on the wagon - courtesy of Wayne Ross

2-2-10 010

Most of the extended clan at last night’s barbecue.

2-2-10 012

Camped at Mark and Essie’s

2-2-10 013

B.O.B., waking up from a snooze in his hay, in the afternoon sunshine.

2-2-10 021

Denise really thought ‘Benji’ would be a welcome addition to the wagon - Clementine would never stand for it.

2-2-10 026

Doc, relaxing in the sunshine.

2-2-10 028

He doesn’t mind company during his nap time.

2-2-10 034

He’ll even give rides - as long as he doesn’t have to go anywhere

2-2-10 040

Denise, overcoming a fear of snakes