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12/19/09, Holcomb, MO - With Doc and Bob hitched, we were just getting underway, when we noticed that Doc was lame. Quickly, I pulled over and unhitched the team.  When I examined Doc, I found he had a roofing nail lodged in the sole of his front left hoof. While Dee mixed up a concoction of antibiotics, bute (for pain), Karo syrup and oats, I started working on the hoof.  I pulled the shoe off, then the nail out. After I carved the hole out a little better, I washed it out with water and iodine.  Then I covered the hole with an iodine soaked gauze pad and re-shod the hoof, with a pad for protection. I then hitched Bob and Bill up (Bill lost his day off) and put Doc behind the trailer.

Doc, humming the song, “It’s a lonely life I walk”.

12-19-09 003

In spite of our late start, we still managed to trek 16 miles today, settling just outside the town of Holcomb. Everywhere we stopped today, there were tons of people stopping to say ‘hi’ and to see the horses. The two pictures below show some of the people who stopped by at lunch.

12-19-09 001

We can definitely tell we’re in the south now; cotton grows everywhere, people are friendly, restaurants all serve sweet tea, and a form of un-sweet  tea is available in one quart Mason jars - hmm.

12-19-09 002

Tonight, we’re camped at Randy and Rachael’s place, just outside Holcomb.  These are some great folks who have really made us feel right at home.

Doc is going to get a little rest behind the trailer for the next couple of days.  He’s sound right now, but I want to be sure he doesn’t pick up an abscess in the hoof before I start him pulling again.

As we want to stay clear of the hills, we’ll be running right out the south side of the Missouri Boothill before we enter Arkansas - probably in a couple of days.

So far, this trip as exceeded all are expectations.  The weather has been great (for this time of year) the countryside nice, and the people have been fantastic.  We’ve been on the road for five weeks now and we’re both having the time of our lives!