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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
A Long Travel Day

1/9/10, Fordyce, AR - This was a really exceptional day, but ended up being a real long one, as we drove 29 miles today.

Shortly after 8 am, we were hitched and driving back to the main highway.  We gave David Deadman and his four year old son Cole a ride until we got out on Route 79.

For our first morning break, Clem and I enjoyed some fried pork chops that David picked up for us.  He also arranged for a Police escort on a narrow bridge up the road.

While we were having lunch, a mile short of the bridge, we met our escorting officer. Deputy Jimmie Billings of the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Department who was kind enough to throw a block up for the oncoming traffic.  Jimmie is a horse owner who was real interested in the wagon and what we’re doing.  My own red and blue lights we’re good enough for the traffic coming up behind me.

We met a lot of really nice people today who were really excited to see the wagon. Most were picture takers, but some stopped to talk.  The two little girls shown in the pictures were excited to see the horses and Clementine, but also about getting their pictures on the internet and being famous.

About 20 miles into today’s journey, Bill started playing out, so Dee and I swapped him out for Doc and drove on.  I thought we were staying 24 miles from our starting point, but we ended up driving 29 miles. The extra few miles meant that we had to drive the last couple of miles with fading light. We traveled right behind the vehicle of one of our hosts, and kept the red and blue lights on the rear of the wagon. This is not a very fun way to travel and we were glad when we reached our destination.

We’re staying tonight at the rodeo grounds in town.  Our host, Buck, arranged the location with the owner of the rodeo grounds.  The horses are bedded down in the arena tonight - probably dreaming of chasing cows.



1-9-10 002

A short ride in the morning with David Deadman and his son Cole.

1-9-10 010

Clem and I with a morning snack

1-9-10 014

With Deputy Jimmie Billings. He was kind enough to block traffic on a bridge for us.

1-9-10 032

Bridge crossing safely complete - thanks to the assistance of the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Department.

1-9-10 039

A real nice group of people who stopped to see us after they read the website.

1-9-10 042

The only thing these girls liked as much as big horses is little poodles.

1-9-10 043

We’ve been to all sorts of historical places on this trip.

1-9-10 047

B.O.B. taking a roll in the rodeo arena that they’re staying in tonight.  No, Danny Murdock didn’t bulldog him.