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12/19 - 12/22/08

12/19/08 Martinsville, IN - The thirteen mile drive to Martinsville was over a fairly difficult stretch of state route 44.  Most of the road was more akin to a paved over goat path then a state highway. Except for a few wider spots, the lanes were generally 8 feet wide and the road went up and down.

The picture to the right shows lunch break at the entrance to “Deerfield” Farms. I thought it was a favorable place to have lunch,

We had an invitation to stay at the elevator/feed store in Martinsville. Scott, the owner of Morgan County Feeds went say over the top to make sure our stay was a pleasant one.  I sure appreciated his hospitality.

12/20 - 12/22

I’ve been resting the team and myself for the past few days at Jane Howard and her husband Millard Johnson’s place a few miles north and west of Martinsville.  Due to the hills, it would have been a difficult drive with the horses, so we loaded them on a horse trailer and pulled the wagon there with a separate truck.  Before leaving the grain mill, I drove the wagon across the scales and finally got an idea of how heavy it is - 7720 pounds (And I thought when Doc was complaining he was just being a wimp).

Jane and Millard have been very gracious hosts.  We’re really enjoying are stay here. The weather was pretty nice on the 20th, so I took the opportunity to go for a horseback ride with some friends. Other than that, I’ve been taking the time to relax and do a little writing.

The high temperature today is only suppose to reach 12 degrees F., so we’re laying low today.  Tomorrow, we’re going to truck the horses and wagon back down to the Martinsville area so I can continue the journey.


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