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A Fine Trek to Malden



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12/18/09, Malden, MO - Right off the bat this morning, we had a sharp little hill to climb. It wasn’t very long, but the grade was close to 20%. There’s only one good solution, when faced with a problem like this - run ‘em! Starting from where we are in this picture, I urged them into a run.  By the time we hit the bottom of the hill, I had them going full bore.  Inertia took over, and we sailed up the hill. Although, not exactly taken from a page in the wagon driver’s handbook, this technique will work in a pinch.

Once we were back out on the main road, it was an easy day of driving.

12-18-09 025

As we move south to the bootheel of Missouri, cotton fields are becoming more common.  Denise donned her head scarf and got some practice picking cotton bolls (just in case she felt like going out to audition with Sally Fields for an upcoming movie).

12-18-09 038

We took lunch in the town of Bernie, where we managed to get all the clothes washed at a Laundromat.  A lot of folks stopped by to say ‘hi’ and see the team.

Tonight we’re settled in the city of Malden, at Buck Provance’s place. The horses have a nice big area to stretch their bones.  Denise and I went next door for some great seafood takeout.

While here, several people stopped to say high and let their kids/grandchildren see the horses.

12-18-09 044

The team, lined up at grain time

12-18-09 060

“I don’t know about petting him; that’s a big horse”.

12-18-09 067

“Hey mom, horses are fun”!

12-18-09 073

“Isn’t this fun mom”?

12-18-09 077