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A Defacto Visit to the Horses



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2/24/08. Dekalb, MS -  I wasn’t quite up to the trip, but my sister Debbie went down to Dekalb yesterday to visit the surviving horses.  It would have been a tough trip for me -  both physically and emotionally.  Seeing the other two without the gray mares would have been tough. It will also be very up lifting when I finally make the trip. 

The horses are resting comfortably at Dr. Billy Calvert’s place in Dekalb. Dr. Calvert responded on the call to treat the horses.  Crawling amounst wreckage with some wounded 2000 draft horses requires a lot of guts and is something not everyone could do - I really pass the hat to Dr. Calvert on that one.

It looks like both came through the ordeal in pretty good shape. Joyce has a minor wound on her hindquarters that is coming along nicely.  Doc has a larger fleshwound on the hindquarters that looks like it will heal fine as well.

The bottom picture shows Dr. Calvert inspecting Doc’s wound.

I’m not sure how the new team will look, but I doubt it will include Joyce.  At 16 years old, she’s about ready for a retirement pasture.  I guess we’ll have to see what the future will bring.  One thing is for sure - It won’t quite be the same without old Deedee and Dolly

Thanks to everyone that has helped with the horses!.

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