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A Day of Restaurants


ff the hill from John Deere south of Newberry, Indiana Tuesday Morn. approx. 9 a.m. Dec. 30th, 2008DSC01662

1/1/09, Washington, IN - I finally pulled out of the fairgrounds in Elnora at about 9:15. Several folks stopped by this morning to chat and wish us off. Our first stop was at the gas station in town to fill up the water jugs and grab a few groceries.  Thanks Patty for filling the jugs for me!

We stopped for lunch at the Iron Kettle restaurant in Plainville.  The owner - Lisa is going to open up on this coming Tuesday. But, when I stopped by, she was kind enough to fix be a cup of coffee and a tenderloin sandwich.  I’ve been told that the benchmark for diners in Indiana is the tenderloin sandwich. Well, Lisa doesn’t have a thing to worry about, because that was one good tenderloin.  Before long, about two dozen more people stopped by to chat and see the horses.  Some folks came a considerable distance, hoping to meet up with us.  Lisa invited them all in and offered them food and drink. The Iron Kettle restaurant on the south side of Plainville is one nice place!

The team was pulling good so we drove through most of the city of Washington before settling in for the night. I went up to the Black Buggy Restaurant and asked the owner if I could bed the horses down on his property.  He not only asked me to stay, but set us up great, to include loaning me a van to run up to Walmart for supplies.  On top of that, the buffet was really good. I ended up going back for a second full plate and apple pie ala mode for desert. Doc thinks we ought to put on a fifth horse tomorrow for the extra weight. I think he’s got in mind that cute little red roan mare from a couple of weeks ago.

We’re off again tomorrow morning.  I have no idea what the new day is going to bring, but a couple of good possibilities are: a horse drawn tour of a local brewery, an invitation to be a judge at a beauty pageant - you never know!

Photo Courtesy of Tracy Mottern Elanor, IN

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