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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
A Day of Rest and Fixes

8-19-08, Epsom, NH - This was a day off for the horses.  Just like an athlete, they canít train everyday. They need an occasional day of rest in order for the new muscle tissue to grow.

I used the day to re-shoe 3 of the 4 horses with new shoes brazed with composite ridges on the soles. This will give them much better traction on the road and the shoes will wear considerably less. Dolly gets her new shoes tomorrow morning before we pull out.

Beth spent much of the morning putting Dolly through some basic obedience training.  Beth worked her in-hand and on a line. She does this sort of training very well and had Dolly dancing responding very well in just a short time.

After some discussing the matter, we both agree that much of Dollyís problems can be from the lack of traction she gets while pulling. Hopefully the new shoes and training will have her leaning into her collar again.

Unfortunately, Beth has to return to work (that dreaded word). But Iím fortunate to have the company and assistance of her father Fred for the next few days. Fred is a former WWII P-47 pilot, Railroad Engineer and Entrepreneur.  As somebody that enjoys my killer chili and mixes a great gin and tonic, Iím sure weíre going to have a great time.

Tomorrow, weíre off again - to where?



8-19-08 The Journey 006
8-19-08 The Journey 007
8-19-08 The Journey 010

Thatís a good question.  Weíll have a better idea tomorrow night.

Tomorrow evening at 5:35 pm (EDT) I have a ten minute interview with Jay Thomas on XM  (Satellite) Radio, Channel 103.