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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
A Day of Old and New Friends


6/21/09, Shelbyville, IN.  A nice day. First we drove to Rays Crossing and met with Tom Lux, friends and family.  I stopped for lunch at Tom’s grain mill last December and was excited to see him on trip #2.. I would like to thank Tom and everyone else for the good cheer and presents they brought with them.

We had lunch right at the eastern edge of Shelbyville. The team was pretty tired in the heat and humidity so I thought it was better to stop before entering a large construction zone running for several miles on route 44.

After lunch, we stopped at Walmart so I could by a new camera - I broke mine a couple of days ago.  To get through the construction zone, I steered the team down the side of the street that was being worked on.  Barry would open the barriers and I drove the wagon through.  This worked pretty good until I didn’t see one of the orange plastic barrels and drove over it. It ended up wedged between Bill and the pole. Surprisingly, he only shied a little at the ordeal.  I backed the wagon up and it popped right out.


The team had a day with quite a few new experiences and challenges.  They’re getting more comfortable meeting the public (a couple of treats help break the ice), they’re learning to stay in one place when I stop for breaks, they’re getting pretty good at navigating busy city streets, and construction zones are now a piece of cake.  Also, living constantly with them, they’re developing and I’m becoming aware of their very distinct personalities.

I’m camped tonight at the Crouch residence, a couple miles to the west of Shelbyville. This is a very nice family that previously wrote me offering a place to stay; then went to the trouble of tracking us down in Shelbyville. Everybody is set up like kings. The lads are getting a break tomorrow as we’re taking the day off. This will give them a chance to get some extra feed, rest some tired muscles and de-stress from the traffic.  I’m going to use the day to chill out and do a little writing.

Barry headed home this evening.  It was great having him along as an outrider for the first few days.

Like a said before - A nice day!