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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
A Bridge to a New Day

1/2/10 and 1/3/10

1/2/10, Biscoe, AR - We had a really nice day off as guest of Billy and Pat Patterson.

The horses really enjoyed the down time, and spent most of the day resting and munching some extra feed.

I had some time to do a little maintenance on the wagon and reset Bill’s horseshoes. Shoeing Bill’s hind feet is my least favorite chore to do on the wagon.  He’s ‘kicky’ with his rear feet and when I do get his feet up, he moves around a lot. Patience is the keyword. I think he eventually gets tired of me messing with him and gives up enough for me to get the job done.

In the afternoon, it warmed enough to sit out and drink a beer while the hamburgers cooked. However, by the time they were done, we moved in to the warmth of the wagon to eat them.

1/3/10, Slovak, AR - An hour into our journey this morning, we crossed the new bridge across the White River. It’s a good thing that horses generally don’t have a fear of heights, because it’s quite a distance down to the river.

Most of the trek down US Route 70 this morning was great, but an hour before we turned off, there must have been an accident up on I-40. Quite suddenly, the road was filled with trucks and cars making their way west.  Fortunately, that section of Route 70 had wide shoulders.

We’re currently in the small town of Slovak, as guests of Sue, George, Maria and Steven.  It was getting late in the afternoon, when they drove up and offered us a place.  Tonight, they’re probably the only critters in Arkansas that don’t mind the snow flurries that are occasionally falling.

Tomorrow, we pass through the city of Stuggart, before turning southwest on US Route 79 for Pine Bluff.



1-3-10 013

“We better be havin’ a day off!”

1-3-10 010

Relaxing in the playpen

1-3-10 008

A nice day to grill some burgs

1-3-10 001

A little wagon maintenance - checking connections to the batteries

1-3-10 021

Approaching the White River crossing

1-3-10 026

Crossing the Bridge

1-3-10 033

Fair is fair - photographing the photographers

1-3-10 036

A convenient lunch break location, just after turning on to US - 63