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A Beginning



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8/6/10, Estrella, CO - Every journey has a beginning and an end; hopefully they occur when the traveler wishes them to.  After two years, and meeting some of the most wonderful people in the world, I decided to end to my 6000 mile odyssey.

All the best things in life happen unconsciously.  A couple of weeks ago, while swinging through the San Luis Valley, I met Melissa. She invited me out to her farm to rest the team for the night.  I was on my way to a carriage maker, and it was the right distance and direction, so I accepted.

Melissa is the kindest, easiest going, nicest person I have met. She has two wonderful young daughters, and we all get along great and have a lot of fun. Melissa and I have decided to hang our caps together.

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Melissa acting as a judge, as her girls Hannah and Maggie practice showing their 4H club lambs.

I just heard from my good friend Bernie Harberts.  Following is a quote from him in a recent letter:

‘It sounds like you've found a fine place to let the tires get a little slack. Folks think non-stop horse travel is romantic. It is, but only if you stop from time to time to rest up, regroup.’

Bernie is just about done with his summer job in Oriental, NC, and plans on heading to Australia in early fall.  The last I heard, he plans on catching or buying a ‘Brumbie’ (wild horse) or two, breaking them and heading out into the Outback. You’ll be able to follow his adventures on www.riverearth.com Since we both love adventure, and believe in the overwhelming goodness of people, I’m sure you’ll enjoy following his journeys.

8-6-10 002

The lads settled into their paddock, shortly after I finished fencing it off.  14,000 foot Blanca Mountain, on the southern end of the Northern Sangre De Cristo Mountains is buried in the clouds in the background.

My blog and adventures are by no means over. The lads won’t be growing too fat, as I plan on hitching them up for a lot of shorter camping trips.  I’ll publish every couple of weeks to keep folks up to date.  In the short term, I’m flying to Mississippi on Sunday for medical evaluations. After that, I’ll be back to help the girls show their lambs at the fair next week.

8-6-10 005

One way of getting lambs toned up for the fair, is to hitch them to a cart.  It looks to me like we’ve got a couple of future teamsters.

I’m no longer on an endless wagon trip throughout the United States. Instead of concentrating on the end of one journey, I’m looking forward to the beginning of another.

The next few months will be busy, but also very enjoyable. One task I have is to right the book ‘Biscuit Wagon’, on my second and third trips.  Stay tuned for updates. Vaya Con Dios, Bob

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This is what America is all about!