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A Beautiful Day of Travel


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9/2/10, Saguache, CO - This was a gorgeous day, but also one that was very fulfilling in other ways.

I was a little late leaving the company of my wonderful hosts, but Bonnie cooked a great breakfast and I had to do a little socializing - it was definitely time well spent. Itís people like the Nusbaumís that really make it a joy to travel throughout America. In addition to hauling a lot of hay, Jerry and Bonnie own the La Garita Trading Post and Restaurant. Itís the social center of the town and the sort of place that Sheriff Andy and Deputy Barny might stop in.  La Garita is absolutely the crown jewel of the San Luis Valley.  Whether you want to camp, hunt or fish in the mountains behind it, or park the RV in Jerryís Park and kick back and enjoy a beautiful, friendly place, this is a great spot to be in.

9-2-10 001

This is Riker, the Sheriff of La Garita Town.  Heís quite an imposing figure, so as you see, that like Andy Griffith, he doesnít have to go heeled with a short gun. When I asked Riker if he was riding the rough stock yet, he said, ďNot Yet!Ē However, he did I agree to remove his spurs (Iím not kidding) before he climbed up on Doc. I guess Riker is sensitive to all of the visitors that come here, and wantís to make sure the area horses still have a little fun left in them!

Even though I didnít get off until after 10 am, I had a nice day of travel and met some really nice people along the way.

I hope that I inspired some hope to one special person I met.  I want this person to know: Courage is not the absence of fear, itís doing what you have to, in spite of personal fear. No matter how tough things appear, there is always an inner well of strength and courage that can be drawn from.  You canít stop someone that is in the right and just keeps on coming.

9-2-10 004

Bonnie and Jerry, in front of their restaurant and store, the La Garita Trading Post.

What can you say about a day that is picture perfect: great weather, a good team of horses, flat roads, nice people - it just doesnít get any better.

Tonight the lads and I are very content. I pulled over on a wide spot in the road that has some really good grazing.  They should put a good dent in the grass behind the wagon before dark.  Then, Iíll move the fence to the front of the wagon and they can work on that all night.

I quit fairly early, so Iím not in a hurry to get things done. Overall, Iíll rate this day an A+.

9-2-10 005

These Pronghorn were caught with their hooves in the candy jar - a circle of 3rd growth alfalfa.

9-2-10 008

This is Tim. 26 years ago, he drove a wagon, pulled by 4 Morgan horses from the Dakotas to Southern Colorado.  With a wife and kids in the wagon, it must have been a heck of an adventure.

9-2-10 009

Our grassy evening camping spot.