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A Balmy Day


1/23/09, Lexington, TN - The day started out nice and warm and got even warmer.  We pulled out of the Cowboy Store in Clarksburg around 8:15.  For the next hour or so we watched the Clarksburg town cop cruise up and down route 22 and pass out speeding tickets like it was candy at a carnival.  Traffic was moving pretty slow, so I guess the town needed to buy some new pencils. When I rolled by him and commented that I was glad he didnít give me a speeding ticket, he was not amused - hmmmm.

Journey 1-23-09 001

I took this picture of the lead team at a truck stop near Interstate 40. Doc was feeling a little saucy, so he stuck his tongue out at me.  Right after the truck stop we crossed over I-40.

Lunch was in a field next to the highway a few miles down the road.  Several folks stopped by to visit and wish us well.

Just as I was entering the city of Lexington, the owner of the McAlexanderís Restaurant flagged me down and offered me a free meal and a place to camp. Even though it was only 2:45 pm and we had only traveled about 14 miles, it was hard to pass up an offer like that.

The horses and I are enjoying the extra downtime, they with an extra ration of hay, I with an extra cocktail. For the 2nd time in three days, I enjoyed a free steak dinner (life on the wagon can be rough!)

A whole lot of people stopped by tonight to chat and see the horses. Itís suppose to cool back down into the 40ís tomorrow, so I guess the summer festival will be over for a while.

Journey 1-23-09 005