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"The Journey" - Wagonteamster Song



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12/13/09, Fruitland, MO - Today I was honored to have a song written and played about my wagon travels. It’s entitled “The Journey”, and was written and sung by 11 year old musician and songwriter, Heather Stortz.

Last night, Denise was invited to a Blue Grass Jam session by the Stortz family.  I stayed at the wagon and kept an eye on the horses. Denise had a great time and was taught the proper dance steps to the ‘Tennessee Waltz’.

Bob and Doc were hitched today and had a tough pull, traveling 20 miles over some very hilly terrain.

Just as we were stopping tonight at Alan and Sharon’s farm, we were met by the Stortz family, so Heather could present a song she wrote of my travels. She broke out her mandolin, was accompanied by Dan on the guitar, and they played and sang it for me.  I don’t have a digital copy of the music yet, but here are the lyrics:

The Journey, by Heather Stortz

Verse 1 -

There is a little man you should know about, he has three horses that are really stout.  He’s going on a journey, he’s at a slow pace, he’s not tryin’ to win some race.

Verse 2 -

He goes everywhere and let’s children ride his horse.  If they want to ride again, he says, “Of course”. His horses do not bite, his horses are not mean, they’re just really tall and really lean.

Verse 3 -

He lives in this wagon that is horse-drawn, you better see him today, cause tomorrow he’ll be gone.  He has a book for sale, he has a book to sell, and in it you will find his story to tell.

Verse 4 -

He’s crossed many bridges, narrow and wide, he’s went along the beaches and countryside. He has a life full of joy and glee, but a short while ago, he lived a tragedy.

Verse 5 -

There is a little man you should know about, he has three horses and dreams he talks about.  He is a little man who will live his dream, and there he goes with his big, strong team.

Verse 6 -

There is a website that you can go to, if you’d like to follow, all you have to do is go to wagonteamster,com to see all the places he has gone.

In Dedication of Bob & his team, Bill, Bob & Doc.

This is a tremendous gift from Heather, and I really appreciate it - Thank You.


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Heather, playing with friends

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The Christmas Bug has bitten the wagon!

I just never know how a day on the wagon will turn out!