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Wonderful. Warm Days



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11/5/08 - Ravena, OH - These have been two really good travel days.  Yesterday, I had a nice day.  At lunch time, In Freedom, OH I had to change a flat tire on the front right of the wagon.  Fortunately I had a spare that I had picked up at the Maddox farm in Middlefield.  Tina, a gal at a local auto repair place rolled over a jack to help me change the tire. I also had to re-shoe Deedee up front as she had worn out a shoe.

I spent the night at Wayne Rogerís place a few miles short of Ravenna. Wayne is a teamster that has had work horses in the past and set the team and I up with everything we needed - Thanks Wayne. Duane, the driver for John Bylerís (the amish horse trader) showed up with a gift of a McCellum four horse, rope and pully hitch. This is a hitch that requires all four horses in a 4-up hitch to pull equally. I still havenít figured it completely out, but thank you John.


11/6/08 - New Baltimore, OH - Another beautiful Indian Summer day - the last one in the forecast. Leaving Wayneís place, we had a nice drive all morning.  I stopped at a supermarket parking lot for lunch and managed to get a few groceries.

The afternoon drive was a little warm (but whoís complaining) with temperatures getting up into the upper 70ís.  Around 3:30 pm, I met up with a friend from New Hampshire. Debbie moved from Raymond, NH with her husband Brad and built a nice place just south of here in Dundee, OH.

11-6-8 The Journey

The picture above shows my host, Robert, a neighbor that has draft horses, Debbie and one of my hostís little girls.  It was a nice evening - a few laughs, good dinner and a nice time talking about the Ďol days.

Tomorrow, itís suppose to start a cooling trend back towards normal November temperatures. Time to put the long johns back on and bring my trustee propane heater up front with me.