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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
Winding Through the Hills


5/4/10, 4 Miles West of Piedro, CO - This was a day of beautiful weather, great scenery, and winding roads through the hills of southwest Colorado.

I started the morning off with several visitors, including Barryís hired hand, who brought over another bale of 2nd cut hay, and a nice guy that has previously done some long distance horseback trips, and is now inspired to go again. 

When I set off on the journey from Pagosa Springs to Durango, I only had a two day supply of hay, and now I have a 3 day supply. I usually do what I can to stock up when I can, but if I run a little low on something, it always seems to show up.

When I started my adventures, two years ago, I was interviewed by a reporter who asked if I was ever worried about having enough supplies.  I explained, that at the time I was down to only a one day supply of oats, but I wasnít worried. She didnít understand, but it became more clear later in the morning. The reporter jumped on the wagon for a ride, and was amazed that two hours into our journey, a lady (whom I didnít know) made me a gift of two bags of oats.

Something of this nature happens to me all of the time.  That is one of the biggest reasons that I always stop so people can pet the horses. Itís also the reason I go to every nursing home and school I can.  Iím being looked after, so I try to give back however I can.  I usually canít reciprocate to those that gave to me, but I try to ďgive backĒ to society as a whole.

5-4-10 002

Chimney Rock, a famous landmark of the old west.

There werenít a lot of places on the road that cars could pull over, but I still managed to meet quite a few people today.  Several offered me places to stay tonight, but none of their homes were in the right place, at the right time. So tonight, the team and I are settled in on a wide spot in the right away, beside the road.

Not long after I settled in, I had a few visitors. Bob, a Teamster I met at the driving clinic stopped by with some friends and family. Also, Terri, who brought me the excellent pasta dinner last night, stopped by to say ĎHií.

5-4-10 003

A nice herd of mule deer that were standing beside the road.

For those of you that are wondering, Clementine is doing great.  However, I think sheís a little upset with me.  She has been old enough to vote for a whole year now, and I havenít even gotten her an absentee ballot.

This was a great day of travel!

5-4-10 004

The boys eating their evening oats.  They were all appreciative of the nice grazing at our roadside camping spot.

Clementine, trying to decide whether to eat her supper of sliced up lunch meat, or hold out for the possibility of steak or chicken (she ate the lunch meat).

5-4-10 006