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9/6/10, Estrella, CO - Well, there I was, heading north for the Arkansas River.  After talking with a couple knowledgeable people, I decided that in the interest of public safety if was better not to drive down the river canyon.  By heading east, I would be up against the canyon wall through blind curves and traffic would have a hard time seeing me. This condition would persist for two days of travel. So, I turned tail and headed south.  My destination was to exit the valley to the south and head for Walsenburg, CO.

After making 27 miles on the 3rd, I camped just north of Monte Vista, and had dinner with Melissa that night.  We decided to give it another go.

After driving another 27 miles on the 4th, I pulled into Melissa’s place and have been here since then.  Since Barry has been querying the GPS, good sleuths have known this by looking at the Google Maps page.

9-6-10 001

The night of 9/3 was a roadside camp with the horses tied. The cows enjoyed watching the Horse Channel that night.

Melissa, the kids, and I had a good time this weekend. Sunday we rode horses up onto some BLM land near the Magote Hills, looking for cattle.  It was some fairly rough terrain and made for some great riding.

Today, we continued with some more riding, and took a ride up the South Fork of the Conejos River. This is one of the best rides in Southwest Colorado. The high walls of the canyon rise on both sides, as the trail meanders upstream.  Our destination for the day was a great swimming hole on the South Fork. The water was great, but it was definitely ‘polio’ water (about 50 deg. F).  Being part seal, Melissa was brave enough to enter the stream first.  The rest of us were shamed into dunking ourselves.  It’s cold while you’re in the water, but really invigorating once the good deed is done.

9-6-10 002

Some horses taking shelter from the sun in the lee of an old house.

So, here I am in the San Luis Valley.  I even hit the job board on the internet tonight and applied for a Nuclear Plant Outage Position. Bucks are a little tight right now, so a job is a top priority.

The lads are enjoying the downtime.  I’ll continue to blog, so stay tuned. But, for all of you addicted to reading daily blogs of the Wagonteamster meeting great people, seeing wonderful places and facing an endless serious of near-death experiences, I suggest chewing gum.  The lads and I are in a rest mode.

9-6-10 005

The girls and ‘Buddy’ going out for an early night walk. About 100 yards into the walk, Hannah released Buddy’s lead rope; he just follows along like a dog.

9-6-10 019

By looking down from the ridgelines, we found some cows on the BLM Allotment.

9-6-10 035

Riding BLM Land, through some pretty wild country. The closest house is about 10 miles away.

9-6-10 036

Unlike Melissa, the kids and I didn’t get paid for our cow hunt. But, there’s a limit to Obama’s generosity. But. we had a good time, even if the ‘Ol Pres.’ is a little tight with the purse strings.

9-6-10 040

The girls and I enjoying our ride up in to the mountainous high country on the South Fork of the Conejos River. I guess it might get better than this, but I don’t know how.

9-6-10 042

Having graduated from just immersing our feet in a mountain stream, we now go for the whole enchilada.