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12/15/09, Advance, MO - This was a nice travel day.  The hilly terrain of the past few days flattened out and Doc and Bill had a nice pull.

Our first stop was a mile down the road, at the store in Dutchtown, where I had breakfast waiting for me.  Ron Benne, a friend who has been following me on the web, picked up the tab for a couple of great egg sandwiches.

From Dutchtown, we headed south on State Route 25.

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A couple miles down the road, we met with a videographer from channel 12 out of Cape Giradeau, MO.  The interview went very well. I was told the segment ran for about 4 minutes at lunch.  I saw the clip on the 6 pm news, and it was about a 30 second spot. 

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We had lunch at a nice roadside park on route 25.


12-5-09 082

This was a great day.  On top of everything, the weather was great.  We ended the day about 2 miles south of the town of Advance, MO.  Madeline, a local newspaper reporter arranged for us to stay on property owned by a man in Cape Giradeau,  One of his tenants, Amy, was kind enough to cook us a steak dinner and invite us over to see our segment on the news.

One of the problems with traveling at this time of the year is the short days. With chores, harnessing, breaking camp, making camp and lunch time, it only leaves about 7 hours for travel each day. Im going to try and start morning chores and breaking camp a little earlier, so were not so rushed to find a place at the end of the day; that is, I can get by butt in gear each morning. 

Tomorrow, were continuing south on route 25.  We have about a week of travel left in Missouri, before we pass out of the south end of the boot-heel into Arkansas.