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We're Back!


4/30/12, Saguache, CO -  “Road Dust” - A cure for all that may be ailing us! At 7:45 am, the lads dug in their shoes and peeled ‘dust’ as they pulled out from behind the Trading Post at a fast trot. Reaching the road in front of the store, I sucked the driving lines back in to my belly and shouted a hearty “Whoa”. Realizing it’s a photo op, they dug in their heels and came to an abrupt stop.  As the cameras clicked away, B.O.B. realized that this might lead to his big Hollywood break and adopted his best western movie star pose.  Doesn’t he look just like John Wayne’s horse?

4-30-12 006

After a long, dry spell as paddock horses, the lads are back to making pavement scars, leaving a trail of manure and a few smiles in their wakes.

I was up early and had the horses grained and tied to the wagon shortly after daybreak.  By 7:30, they were harnessed up and ready to be hitched to the wagon. I tried to talk one of the local cowboys into driving the team up to the pole, but he said he had to go brand calves, jumped into his pickup and drove away.

After they were hitched up, Bill pulled his A.D.D. act - a couple of little rears, buck-snorts and sash-shays before pulling out in a fast trot.  I was glad to see that six year old, bronc-’bustin, Riker hadn’t rode all the rough and fun out of him.

4-30-12 001

Harnessed up and ready for a day of work.  By their droopy eyes and nodding heads you can tell they were saving up some energy for the day!

It was a beautiful, clear day with only a gentle breeze. The road was dry, the temperature was perfect and the way was clear. It was definitely time to get the show on the road.  So with an “Amigos, Vamanos”  we set off on our Western Odyssey. Unlike Ulysses, I don’t think it will take me ten years to return to Ithaca; thirteen months ought to do it.

4-30-12 004

Doc, getting one last look at the ‘ol paddock!

After saying goodbye to some dear friends, the Belgians set a good pace for the morning. We stopped for lunch at the scenic turnout for the Russell Lakes, State Wildlife Area. The boys adopted their normal lunchtime routine - water, oats and a nap. I had a soup and a sandwich and a celebratory cocktail.

While stopped for lunch, I had the pleasure of meeting Lionel, a really nice guy.  It seems like everyone I meet is a truly good person. Throughout the day I had the opportunity to stop and chat with several more.  What a great day!

4-30-12 009

Our beautiful lunchtime stop at Russell Lakes. It’s all in the ambiance!

4-30-12 007

Lionel, a great guy. He not only left us with a travel donation, he also had a spare bottle of Tobasco sauce. I celebrated by making burritos tonight.

Three miles south of Saguache (pronounced Sa’ watch) I pulled over on a wide spot in the right of way for the night. There was some green brome grass near the shoulder and the buffalo grass on the rest of the right of way was starting to turn green, so I knew the lads would enjoy the grazing.

4-30-12 010

“This will do”, the horses mumbled as we pulled off on the right of way. B.O.B. is practicing a little ‘free-grazing’ in order to prepare for a remake of a movie with Kevin Costner.

4-30-12 011

Doc’s parting thoughts for the night, “All is well in the world!”