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6/12/09, Bentonville, IN - As many of you might have guessed, the past few days have been busy ones getting the wagon ready for the road.  I moved it inside for a few days so the weather wonít interrupt the work.

My friend Barry came down for a 2 1/2 days and helped out, which I really appreciate.  The wagon now has fully functional plumbing (including the toilet), 120 Volt and 12 Volt Electrical Systems, the front console with the stereo, GPS and lights are now installed and working, the solar panel and controller are also installed. The rubber roof is installed.  We also have one of the doors outside storage boxes. The fence charger, hose reel and electric reel is installed.

There are still a couple of days work to go before I can start the painting. After the painting and the lettering is installed, itís a done deal. This is all part of the wagon to horse drawn RV conversion process.  Iíve already bought the paint and the only thing Iíll tell you is that it wonít be John Deere colors (I always thought that was a $10,000 paint job).

As for me, Iím doing great.  My strength and mobility are increasing all the time.  Work is the best physical therapy. Iím getting very excited about getting back on the road.  This so called civilized world is a good place, but itís just ainít the wagon! Thereís something really special about traveling down the road in a wagon pulled by some great horses (who are really nothing more then 1 ton babies).  Itís more then the travel; itís the people you meet, the smiles on their faces, the really pleasant conversations and the great times.

Iíve included some pictures of the marker and caution lights for the new wagon.   I put a yellow strobe in the back for everyday use. When the going gets tough, I can kick in a very bright red and blue strobe.  Iím not sure how the cops will feel about that, so I wonít run these all the time.


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