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5/30/09, Bentonville, IN - Things are progressing towards a mid June departure. I now have the brakes bled down and working good and I’ve done some more work on the storage boxes.

After a bit of effort, I now have front shoes on both horses.  Today, I’m going to shoe up Bob in the rear.  Bill is a little “kicky” when it comes to his rear feet. No worries - my landlord, Dr. Marti, is going to mix up a nice tranquilizer for him.  I find that I only have the strength to do two shoes at a time right now.

It was a beautiful day so Marti and I took the lads for a five mile spin around the block.  As predicted, Bill is starting to come off the bit and driving with a lot lighter line. He still tends to be a bit bouncy, but he’s coming along. When I got him, he was being worked with a pretty snug overhead checkline going to his bridle. The new harnesses have side checks, which I use to keep them out of trouble, but don’t apply a constant bit pressure.

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Martis disk 012-1
Martis disk 019

Old Team Update - Doc has been a bad boy. When I was in Hawaii, he learned how to use 1800 lbs to smash a gate.  He’s practicing this talent for his new owner Lauren. 

Lauren is going to run an electric wire up close to the gate which should make gate smashing one of those “hey this really ain’t such a good idea” tricks.

The picture below shows Joyce and I starting the Compass Mounted Orienteering course on her last day here.