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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
Waco, TX - Leg 1 Complete

2/16 & 2/17/10, Waco, TX - Yesterday, after three months and nearly 1200 miles, we pulled into Waco, TX. Because of the hills around Austin, TX, this is as far south as I’m going to drive the team on the first leg. Tomorrow, my brother is driving up from Austin to pick us up for a visit and some R&R.

The first leg of the trip as we moved South, was a fantastic journey, full of fun, adventure, and some of the best people I have ever met.

We started out the day yesterday with the Belgians hitched.  They put in 23 miles, driving to Bonnie Kempf’s place on the southeast side of Waco.

As we got closer to Waco, the traffic increased quite a bit. A few miles outside of the city, we stopped and talked with several groups of some really nice folks. One guy was a trucker who thought the wagon was the coolest thing he ever saw.

We ran into some fairly heavy traffic on the east side of Waco and the Belgians handled it like a couple of pros. 

Last night, we pulled into Bonnie’s place about 5 pm.  Bonnie is a long time follower of the blog, originally from Urbana, OH, who has agreed to put us up for a week.  Last year, I had a great time in Urbana; and since then, I have met a lot of folks who have driven out from there to visit me.

Bonnie and her friend Jennings Porter have been great and have us set up like kings. This morning, they ran us around to pick up some supplies for the horses.

Today, Denise and I had a nice relaxing day. In the afternoon, we saddled up Doc and Bill and went for a ride. 

Tomorrow afternoon, my brother, Jim is driving up and bring us down to Austin for a few days.

Saturday, Denise is grabbing a plane in Austin and headed back to Michigan.  We’ve had some really great times on the wagon in the past three months, and it was super having her with me on the wagon for the first leg of the year-long journey.

Wednesday or Thursday of next week, the Amigos, Clementine, and I are continuing our journey across West Texas, towards New Mexico and the Shining Blue Mountains.



2-17-10 005

Two nice guys on the road to Waco. They were concerned that I would be okay in the rougher sections of Waco.

2-17-10 007

B.O.B. wanted to trade our wagon in for this ‘Big’, hard to pull version in someone’s yard.  When I explained it couldn’t haul too many oats, he drove on by.

2-17-10 009

A crowd coming out to see the team at a stop east of Waco.

2-17-10 012

A nice young lady who thought Doc was a pretty cool horse.

2-17-10 018

The Amigos, meeting the neighbor’s donkey, ‘Junior’ at Bonnie’s place.

2-17-10 022

The lads really like their deluxe, indoor/outdoor accommodations at Bonnie’s.

Denise, mounted on Doc last November in Gosport, IN

Note from Denise - “Thanks to all the wonderful people I have met and all the good times I have enjoyed on the wagon!”

11-20-09 01902