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Visit to Lyons Elementary



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11/25/09, Westpahlia, IN - Each day of this trip has been a joy, today was no exception.

Shortly before we departed the great hospitality we found at John and Susanís place in Switz City, I received a phone call from a teacher at the Lyons Elementary School. She invited the crew of the wagon to stop by and speak to the children. It was only about four miles down route 67, so I readily agreed.

While I was unhitching the team, the student body formed up in the parking lot. For the next hour we had a great time, with the kids asking a lot of questions about the horses and wagon. Doc is an old hand at these sessions, so I led him around to the kids and let them pet him. I think Bill was actually a little jealous of all the attention that Doc received.

After the kids filed back into the school, we had another short session with the afternoon Kindergarten class.  Then Denise and I were off to the cafeteria, where we were treated to a great pizza lunch. All in all, it was a marvelous time.

The afternoon was a nice drive over flat ground. Tonight, weíre settled into a nice lot at Edís place in the town of Westphalia.  After a nice dinner of grilled hamburgers (home raised beef, courtesy of the Mohrís, from Shelbyville) weíre settled in for a nice quiet evening.

Today was a perfect example of what the team and wagon are capable of doing, generating a couple hundred smiles and good memories.  To sum it up, it was pretty cool!

11-25-09 045

The Lyons, IN Elementary School

11-25-09 025

Talking to the kids about horses and the wagon.

11-25-09 006

Always the ham, Doc had to get in on the act.

11-25-09 014

The only things Doc likes more than Red Roan Mares, are pretty little red haired girls.

11-25-09 018

Well, actually he likes attention from all little girls.

11-25-09 043

I was privileged to have lunch with the girls.


Denise had the first grade boys to keep her company during lunch.

11-25-09 047

Camping at Edís in Westphalia, IN