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Union Contract Expired?



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1/1/10, Biscoe, AR - Horse B.O.B.’s blog -

B.O.B. - “As the spokes-horse for the Team chapter of the Teamster’s Union, I had to write tonight’s blog.  With New Year’s Day finally here, I had to point out to the Teamster Management, that the Team contract has expired. Like a couple of sheep going to slaughter, my teammates stepped right up to the harness this morning; not me, I wasn’t going to work without a new contract. I let Bob the Teamster chase me around, until I caved in to a signing bonus of a pan of oats. As part of the deal, I had the day off, and got to walk behind the trailer.  Also included in the new union contract was a fully stocked trailer full of hay and oats, from our good friends, the Browns.

An hour after we started, we walked in to the city of Brinkley and saw some of the flooding from last week’s rain.  All day long, we mostly walked down an elevated road with water on both sides.  Just before we reached the town of Biscoe, we finally started passing through some dry country.

Tonight, the other lads and I have a nice dry playpen and are settled in real good. The Teamster has promised us a day off tomorrow.  So far, he’s living up to the new contract. But, give him time - sooner or later, I know I’ll have to file a grievance on him!”

1-1-10 002

“No Clementine, you can’t have any of my New Year’s beer”.

1-1-10 004

“B.O.B. - “With the Team contract expired on the last of the year, I was walking off the job.”

1-1-10 006

“I say, never give in to pressure from management.”

1-1-10 007

“Don’t cave in from pursuing techniques from contract negotiators.”

1-1-10 009

Good friends Leslie and Judy Brown, who treated us so well, Horse Bob decided to walk off the job.

1-1-10 012

B.O.B. - “These poor folk saw so much water from last week’s flooding, they didn’t even have pasture for horses.”

1-1-10 016

An icon from America’s past - Old time cabins that were the first motels. Often seen on old U.S. highways that were bypassed by an expressway.

1-1-10 017

Much of the day was spent traveling down a roadbed that had turned into a causeway, with flood waters on both sides of the road.

1-1-10 018

B.O.B. - “Denise drove down the road (causeway) for several miles today.  It’s too bad I had the day off. I like the way she holds the driving lines.”

1-1-10 022

B.O.B. - “This was a mile long flea market we passed. It’s a good thing we didn’t see any fleas; they make me itch.”

1-1-10 032

B.O.B. - “These are some good folk that to stopped to say ‘hi’. With photogenic me at the rear of the trailer, you might not have noticed them out front.”

1-1-10 033

B.O.B. - Teamster Bob found us a nice place with Billy and Pat Patterson.”

1-1-10 043

B.O.B. - “Most of the hay and grain we’re carrying is courtesy of the Brown’s. That’s one of the reasons I didn’t want to leave there.”