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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
Tough 1st Day in New Mexico


4/1/10, Clovis, NM - The first day of travel in a state is always a tough one. I should have remembered and been prepared, but that wouldn’t have done any good.  When we crossed into Illinois, the horses ran off that night. After we moved across the Mississippi River into Missouri, we only found a place to camp as it was getting real dark. The first night in Arkansas we camped on another guys land and he was upset (our host only knew how to say “yes” in English). Coming into Texas was a long day, and we only found a campsite near dark.  So, I ask you, “Why should New Mexico be any different?”

The two big problems today were, a flat tire on the trailer at lunch, and high winds all afternoon.  But in the larger scope of things, New Mexico was kinder on her first day than other states have been! Just to be sure, I’m going to tie the horse before I go to bed!

4-1-10 001

After two months in Texas, finally, another state!

It was a nice, easy morning until we hit the State Line. I decided to take an early lunch, so only 100 yards into the ‘Land of Enchantment’, I unhitched the team in a good looking spot. During lunch, the wind picked up from 20 to 30 mph, to about 40 to 50 mph.  Just before pulling out, I noticed that the left trailer tire was almost flat.  Quickly, I drove to the gas station across the street and got some air, but that didn’t work.

Then, it was a short drive back to the State of Texas, where the guys at ‘Tire Country’ fixed me up. They fixed the flat, let me fill my water jugs, and didn’t charge me a dime - Good Folks!

4-1-10 003
4-1-10 002

Of course I unhitched the horses and tied them to a rail before they jacked up the trailer - probably a smart move.

By the time we made it out of the town of Texico, NM, the wind was blowing pretty strong.  From a combination of the wind, traffic and nearby trains, the team was a little spooky, so I drove north a mile to take a back road. 

We’re now back on the highway, on the southeast side of Clovis.  Whenever I spy a Mexican restaurant (at the right time of the day) I have an overwhelming impulse to turn in and ask if I can camp there. I succumbed to my urges, and that’s where were camping tonight.

4-1-10 005

It’s hard to tell from this picture, but the wind is really strong, taking the team on the front/left side.  It was a constant struggle to keep them going straight, as they wanted to turn out of the wind.

So, in true wagon fashion, we went from a flat tire, wind and exhaustion, to a belly full of burritos and margaritas. Funny thing about life; if you stick in there, it will turn another page!