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Tooling Across Flat  Ground


2/5/09, Hamilton, MS - Today was a nice pull over some flat ground with clear skies. The morning started off pretty cool. I got a little wimpy and put some chemical hand warmers in my gloves. 

I got underway in Amory about 8:20 am. Right off the bat we had to pass under a railway bridge which turned out to be a fairly challenging obstacle. The grade leading under the bridge was fairly steep in both directions, with very narrow lanes.

The remainder of the morning hours were pretty uneventful. We covered about 9 miles before stopping for lunch at a wide spot in the road.  During lunch, Barbara, a reporter for the local paper stopped by for an interview.

In the afternoon, we turned back onto US Route 45. The traffic was fairly light and not near as fast as it was on this highway up near Corinth.  It was nice to see the Monroe County Sheriffís Department out and pulling over the occasional motorist. Nearing Hamilton, I turned off on old route 45.

Journey 2-5-09 001

The picture above illustrates a common theme on the wagon - a nice family coming out to the road to see the horses and wagon.  If there are little children and itís safe to do so, I almost always stop and let them pet the horses.

Tonight, Iím stopped at the Thompson farm in Hamilton. Not long after turning on to old route 45, Bill Thompson met me and asked if I needed a place for the night. Several years ago, Bill hosted a couple in a horse drawn wagon.  I was given a copy of their book by Rachel Brubaker in Western Ohio. As I had finished reading the book, I passed it on for Bill to read.

The Thompsonís have the horses on a nice 5 acre field. Iím set up nicely with both water and power. - Thanks

Tomorrow, Iíll probably drive through the city of Columbus.  The weather for the next few days is suppose to be terrific, with highs in the low 70ís.

In about a week, when I get near the city of Meridian, Iím going to try and find a place where I can put the horses up for a week. Theyíre do for a vacation on some grass and Iím do for one on the Gulfcoast and New Orleans.