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To the Sales Barn



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2/8/09, Macon, MS - This was a very pleasant and fairly uneventful day of driving. We drove 19 miles today across fairly flat terrain.

I was hitched and on the road by 7:45 am.  The horses appeared well rested and were stepping out pretty good.  It was Sunday and the road was fairly quiet.  This is good because it was a two lane and their is normally quite a few truck loads of logs on this road headed for a paper mill.  In spite of the low volume of traffic, quite a few people were stopping to take pictures.

We had lunch at a wide spot in the road about 4 miles south of Brooksville. Lunch was fairly quiet and there were only a couple of well wishers.

After lunch we drove to Brooksville and stopped at a food mart.  The young fellow in the picture to the right had a couple of horses of his own, but was really impressed with the size of the team.  The Brooksville police officer also stopped to chat. He had previously seen us running down the main drag in Columbus.

Leaving Brooksville, we had a whole parade of people stopping to take pictures of the team.

Tonight weíre camped at the sales barn on the north side of Macon on route 145. The weekly auction is tomorrow, so I imagine Iíll be Mooed to sleep tonight.

The temperature was in the low seventies today and it was just a pleasant day of driving. Tomorrow morning I have to re-shoe Joyce and Doc up front so Iíll probably get a late start.

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Route 45 Joining Route 45 Alt.

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The Young and Older like the horses

Pictures from yesterday

Courtesy Gale Myers

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