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Through Shelbyville



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11/17/09, Shelbyville, IN - Day three was mostly cloudy and cooler, but a good day for travel.

After pulling out, our first stop was in the town of Manilla, where we met up with some folks I have seen on past trips through the town.  From the picture on the right, you can see that we make quite a lengthy parade when traveling in the Unicorn hitch.  On flat ground, Doc gives it his all, so heís doing most of the pulling. The Belgians donít mind, and they get to take a break while he does most of the work.  After lunch, I ponied Doc behind the trailer while the lads pulled the wagon alone.

Our next stop was in the town of Rays Crossing, where we met up with good friend and long time follower, Tom Lux.  It was great seeing Tom again and I really appreciated the sack of shell corn he left us with.

I jumped on the back roads for the remainder of the run into the city of Shelbyville. A few miles down the road, I stopped of lunch on some corn stubble. Before taking off, I pulled Doc out harness and gave him a chance to rest while being ponied behind the trailer.  Not really content with this situation, he walked as far forward as he could, and actually helped push the wagon by applying a constant force on the lead rope through the nose band of his halter - once a lead horse, always a lead horse!

In Shelbyville, I finally had good enough internet access to publish the blog from the day before.

After working our way through town, weíre now camped at my good friends, Joe and Pat Mohrís, a few miles west of Shelbyville.

Weíre taking today off to give the horses a rest.  The Mohrís are fantastic and itís a really enjoyable stay.

11-17-09 041

Stopping for a break in the town of Manilla.

11-17-09 043

Chatting with a fellow that has been following the blog since we stopped on Trip #1.

11-17-09 049

Cowboy Checklist: Horse - OK, Saddle - OK, Larriat - Check, Good Cell Phone Coverage - Check

11-17-09 051

Traveling in a Unicorn down State Route 44.

11-17-09 053

I tell you, Wagon Doggie life is Ruff!

11-17-09 059

Good Friend Tom Lux buying a book at the grain mill in Rays Crossing.

11-17-09 066

Updating the blog in Shelbyville, IN

11-17-09 072

The Belgians pulling alone after lunch, as we passed through Shelbyville.