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1/18/09, India, TN - Itís amazing the nice people you can meet when traveling in a horse drawn wagon.

It started this morning before I left camp.  I was just thinking that I was down to one bale of hay, when Poof!, a fellow teamster, John Wayne shows up with two bales of hay.

Lunchtime was at a wide spot in the road and full of good people.  The Ryan kids (including this young cowboy) got a kick out of rounding up the spilled oats while sitting on Deedee.

We only drove about 13 miles today before stopping at a roadside park which has a nice artesian spring (about 4 miles to the east of Paris, TN).

A lot of good folks stopped by to visit, wish us well and bring gifts. Lisa and her daughter Phoenix stopped by to chat and later brought us 300 pounds of grain and a couple of bags of horse treats.  Then the Ryan and Barkers stopped by with four bales of hay and a couple of sacks of oats. Another nice lady left a sack of horse feed. A nice family left us two bales of good bermuda hay. (Iím poor with names, so I canít remember them all). A guy I met at lunch stopped by with his girlfriend and brought me supper and interviewed me for the ďParisĒ magazine.  In addition, there were just a lot of nice people stopping to visit and wish us well - THANKS EVERYONE! 

The horses and I are very comfortable at the road side park. Even in the dark you can see that Doc and Dolly had a good time rolling. I fenced them in with a few trees so they can get to all of those itchy spots.

This was a great day full of really nice folks!

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