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3/15/10, 12 miles East of Snyder, TX - You can tell by the picture that the day started out gray, then quickly turned to rain. Normally, that would dampen everyoneís spirit, but I didnít find that to be true.  Because Iím traveling through some fairly remote countryside (better then 30 miles between towns), I didnít have an opportunity to talk with very many people today.  But, everyone I met was kind, and wanted to do something, or give me material support to help me out in my travels. My good friend and fellow adventurer, Bernie Harberts, calls this ĎThe Moses Effectí, after the 40 years of material support that the Jews received in the Sinai, after they left Egypt, during the Exodus.

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The day began when a good man named Randy, stopped and offered me some hay. He returned with two bales of excellent, 2nd cut alfalfa, and threw in a couple of bags of grain to boot. Well, Randy wasnít done. He then returned home for a couple of nice tarps for the trailer, then arranged a stopping point for me tonight.

Not long after lunch, a man pulled over and flagged me down. He never told me his name (so I didnít have to worry about forgetting it). Then he gave me $20, and said, ďI really like what youíre doingĒ.

Tonight, Iím camped at the home of James Ratliff.  These folks are terrific, and his wife makes the best cinnamon and sugar coated roasted pecans that Iíve ever had.  Being considerate of potential wagon visitors, like many folks out west are, they have a nice wide gate to get around the cattle guard at the end of their driveway.  Tonight, Iím out back, with power and water, and a nice pen for the team.  In the morning, weíre invited up to the house for breakfast.  This isnít the first time James has helped out travelers. He recalled how he helped out a guy that was walking and pulling three trailers. He also helped out a guy that was walking from Austin, TX to Arizona.

All this makes you wonder why the Jews ever left the Sinai.  Seems to me, it was a right-friendly place!

You might have noticed in the picture that ĎDoc is Backí.  Thatís right, heís back pulling again, and having a grand ole time. Bill spent the day trying to stretch his lead rope enough to get at the alfalfa bales (I had to shorten it twice).

I tell you, Iím really getting to like the Sinai (I mean Texas!)