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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
The Lone Star State


1/28/10, Redwater, TX - After returning from Mississippi, we took a day off to finish some chores before hitting the road. This morning, we hitched up Bob and Doc and took to the roads once more. We were both more then ready to leave the trappings of a modern world and return to a life of travel on the wagon.

1-28-10 001

With friend Scott Boyd, owner of the Macon Beacon, at Easy Street

A life of buzzing here and there is good for about a day, but there is something special about hitching up a couple of ‘Gentle Giants’ to the pole, and have them pull three tons of vehicle down the road at a nice, sedate, three miles per hour.  When cars are whizzing by at 60 mph, neither of us feel like it’s taking a long time to get where we’re going; rather, we feel honored to have the privilege to be able to trek along at a nice comfortable pace.

1-28-10 012

Shoeing B.O.B. yesterday - Notice that my Village People chaps have been replaced by a new shoeing apron - Thanks to Joe Richmond in Pine Bluff. AR.

A lot of folks ask us how we can get along in the small amount of space available in the wagon.  Actually, it’s quite easy - we have routines that minimize the time we’re tripping over each other, we respect each other’s space, and the wagon has an additional room with the enclosed porch.  On the plus side, I never have to get out of bed to turn on the coffee pot, and it’s never more then three steps to the bathroom.

1-28-10 015

Finally, the wagon is in Texas

After driving for a about a month in Arkansas, this morning, the wagon crossed the State Line into Texas. Since Texas is slightly bigger then Rhode Island, it will be about two or three months before we cross into another state.

1-28-10 016

Dee, “They’ve got everything in Texas”

At our first break, we had an interview with a reporter from the Texarkana, TX newspaper. I think Dee was more excited by the billboard at the break location.

1-28-10 019

Talking with a reporter, all part of a days work on the wagon.

Tonight, we’re camped at Rick and Terri’s place, just west of Redwater, TX.  The horses are bedded down in their electric playpen and happy to have some green fescue grass to graze on.  Tomorrow, we’re continuing west for a few miles, before turning south on State Route 8. 

It’s nice to be back on the road!

1-28-10 020

Clem. “I only wanted out of the wagon, not a ride on B.O.B.”

1-28-10 025

Camped for the night