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The Good People on a Wagon Journey


4-4-12, Sanford, CO - Finally, a day of good weather.  And along with the sunshine, came the wonderful people that make these travels so rewarding.  This morning, we hadn’t traveled a mile when we met Alan.  Just in case we needed it, he brought a pickup truck full of hay.  When I replied that two bales would top off my load, he grabbed a couple of bales of good alfalfa and through them up on the trailer. What a great start to a really fantastic day!

4-4-12 001

Alan, hauling a couple of bales of gifted hay back to the trailer.

Throughout the course of the day, I was stopped several times. Sometimes for pictures, occasionally to pet the horses and always to chat.

In the City of La Jara, I pulled the wagon into Jack’s Market to pick up some groceries. The folks at the market were great, and even went to the trouble to run a garden house outside so I could top off my water tank and fill some empty jugs.

While we were there, a ton of people stopped by to chat and see the team.  My visitors included a carload full of old Hispanic Cowboys that were full of questions, but had limited English. Then there was the pregnant lady with her two year old son, who was initially scared to pet the horses, but almost cried when his mom carried him away.  Another visitor I remember was a pretty young lady who was afraid to touch Bill; but, when he leaned into her hand, she couldn’t get enough!

4-4-12 004

Filling the tank and water containers at Jack’s Market.

After chatting with several more folks in the towns of La Jara and Sanford, we finally found a nice roadside campsite two miles east of Sanford.  No sooner did we arrive then a local Rancher stopped by twice to see if there was anything we needed.

Dave remarked to me, “Before this trip, I was getting to be a crabby old man.  This has really restored my faith in humanity!”

4-4-12 009

Dave, by the wagon, with the Blanca Peaks in the background.

My last visitor this evening was the Superintendent of the local schools.  Early next week, he would like me to stop and talk to the kids at the Sanford School.

4-4-12 010

After a long day of pulling, there’s nothing B.O.B. likes better than a little catnap as the sun goes down. “It’s all in the ambiance”, according to B.O.B.

After a fairly short run tomorrow, we should reach our camping location on the Rio Grande River.

By the way, thank you to everyone who wished me a ‘Happy Birthday’.