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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
The Burning Lamb Festival


10/6/12, Bridgeport, CA - Tonight, I’m three miles south of Bridgeport on US 395.  Once again, this wagon journey has sprung a day upon me, complete with new and interesting experiences.

After hitching Bob and Doc to the wagon, I said goodbye to my wonderful host Todd Sceirine and headed down the road. The morning was spent climbing up a beautiful canyon, alongside the East Fork of the Walker River. The Juniper trees of Oregon and Northern California have been replaced by a forest of Pinion trees. Unfortunately I seem to be a couple of weeks too late to take advantage of the pinion nut harvest and most of the pine nuts and their cones are already on the ground.

10-6-12 001

Bob and Doc pulling the wagon through a Pinion forest, alongside the scenic East Fork of the Walker River.

Just before lunch, the wagon climbed a shallow grade above the Bridgeport Dam and Bridgeport Reservoir and the bulk of the Sierra Nevada Mountains opened up before me.  In this beautiful place, I stopped and soaked in the scenery as I had lunch.

10-6-12 009

It probably cost a $20 tip to the host of a posh New York restaurant to get a window seat with a view of the city traffic.  To think, it only cost me the words, “Bob, Doc - Gee” to get this lunchtime view. 

After lunch, I drove a few miles to the town of Bridgeport, where I stopped at the grocery store for a few supplies. 

Leaving town, I continued south, back on US 395. I didn’t appreciate a return to heavy traffic and missed the quiet road of the past few days.

Three miles south of town, I pulled the team over for a break and met up with a car load full of ladies and kids.  They invited me to stay at the ranch of one of them, located just across the street.  Tonight, the lads have a 160 acre pasture to run around on, which still has plenty of green grass.

10-6-12 014

Three best friends and a nice horse - what could be better?

After settling the horses in, I was invited to attend an Argentinean Lamb Roast (also known as the ‘Burning Lamb Festival) on the property next door.  Not one to turn down a good time when it slaps me in the face, I gladly accepted.

10-6-12 016

A buffet with nicely cooked lamb, some great people, a fire, great scenery and a good band; it doesn’t get much better.

10-6-12 027

The property had a couple of good hot springs. This pool felt exactly like good bath water.

10-6-12 034

A nice band to boot!

10-6-12 052

Just when you think the night couldn’t get any better - the Big Guy had to offer a sunset which was icing on the cake.

10-6-12 055

As the sunset faded and the bonfire grew larger, friends, neighbors and acquaintances gathered around the fire in an age old ritual of friendship.