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Thanksgiving - A Time to Be Thankful



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11/27/08, Johnsville, OH - This was truly a day to be thankful for.  First, it was a beautiful day.  Sunny and it warmed up into the 40ís. This morning, as I was getting ready to leave camp, I met Steve Miller.  Just before I left he and his wife stopped by with a nice Thanksgiving lunch for me (just in case I didnít find someone else to share dinner with.)

About 5 miles down the road, we drove into the town of Lexington.  While I was exchanging a propane tank at a gas station, I met Roxanne, who gave me a blanket for Clementine and a bunch of snacks. 

Climbing out of Lexington was tough with a lot of hills. About 4 miles farther down the road I stopped for lunch at a wide spot in the road.  While there, Ricky stopped by and asked me to share Thanksgiving with her family. We drove another 3 miles south to her familyís place and I settled the horses in for the evening.  My stay with the extended ďValentineĒ family has been great. They are a very tight knit family who may not have all of the material possessions in the world, but they have each other and some really good cooks.  This is truly one of the nicest Thanksgivings I can remember.

The horse are comfortable with some dry ground to lay on and extra rations. Deedee didnít mind at all when some of the kids wanted to pet her and sit on her when she was laying down. (Of course I supervised this and made sure the kids didnít approach her front legs or leg side).

Doc really enjoys having kids on him as well.  One of the girls was brave enough to stand up on him. (Even with my mellow horses, I only feel comfortable letting kids do this when the horses are tired and have nice full bellies).

Itís really easy to be thankful for what you have, when you look to your family and friends. Itís pretty hard to be thankful for whatís parked in your garage or how much is in your bank account.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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