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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
Sunny Day to the City Park

3/8/10 pm & 3/9/10, Lawn, TX - The Lads and I had a nice day of driving today, but first, a little about yesterday afternoon.

After a morning thunderstorm, that dropped 1/2 inch hail, the sun finally made itís appearance.  By mid afternoon it had warmed up nicely. So, in the finest of Texas traditions, we went horseback riding. First, my hostess Deedee Rogers and I, took Bill and Doc for a spin through the mesquite and prickly pear cactus.  Then, Mike Wyatt, a neighbor who is a wildlife outfitter, stopped by with his two kids.  Mike took turns giving the kids rides on Bill.  Deedee never surrendered Doc. (Doc has this way with girls; once there in the saddle, itís hard getting them out!)

3/9/10 - Before I had finished hitching, I had a visitor this morning - Joe Shields. Joe travels the back roads of the country looking for the strange and unusual (hey, I resemble that remark). Then he writes it up on his own website - http://www.thekidsthinkiamnuts.com . Joe was kind enough to run into town for me this morning and pick up some oats.  It was great meeting him.

Curtisí wife Deedee rode with me for the first hour (I think she was playing hooky from work).  After Curtis picked her up, the lads and I started making tracks.  We made 24 miles, before pulling into the town of Lawn for the night. I talked with a lot of folks along the way, including Jim and Joyce, who were kind enough to get hold of the Lawn City Mayor, and get permission for me to camp in the town park for the night.

The evening was warm, so I sat outside and watched the sun go down before going in and cooking up a great supper.  This was a really good day.

Tomorrow night, Iím going to try and camp on the south side of Abilene.



3-9-10 003

Mike and his son going for a spin on Bill.

3-9-10 009

Hey, Cowgirls get to ride too!

3-9-10 013

Deedee Rogers and Doc, enjoying a western adventure.

They sure make these Texas Cowgirls - Durn Cute!

3-9-10 002

Curtis and Deedee Rogers - real good people.

3-9-10 014

Lunch by the road - The sky is getting bigger as we make our way westward.

3-9-10 015

A nice tranquil setting - our camp in the Lawn, TX City Park.

3-9-10 016