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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
Stopping For Breakfast


9/20/12, Herlong Junction, CA (Coord. N. 40 deg, 07.512 min; W. 120 deg, 14.810 min.)

This morning, the lads and I accepted an invitation to breakfast, and what a feast it was. After that, we had guest riders until lunchtime, then a nice drive throughout the afternoon.

After breaking camp, I drove two miles down a frontage road to the home of Bob and Marilyn Baker.  After pulling the team into the yard, the boys were set up like kings with a second breakfast consisting of a large bucket of water and a pile of hay. I hope they don’t expect this kind of service every day?

Neighbor Joe and I were served farm fresh eggs, sausage, home made salsa and toast with home made wild plum jam. Now, I could grow to expect that kind of service every day!

9-20-12 001

Doc and Bill had to be content with being tied to the side of the wagon while they were fed like kings. B.O.B. on the other hand, required separate quarters for his breakfast so that he could fully appreciate the ambiance provided by the Bakers’ wonderful garden.  His comment on his actions - “Well, I’m close to Hollywood; I should start acting like a prima donna actor!”

9-20-12 002

Doc, trying to regain the throne of ‘The horse that has the most pretty girls sit on him’.  If you recall, yesterday, Bill tried to steal his crown!

For the morning run to the town of Milford, I had Marilyn on board as a guest with neighbor Joe for the last mile.  Sometimes the miles past quickly and before you know it we were at the store/deli in the little burg of Milford. After I broke the lads out for lunch, Joe treated us to a lunch at the Deli.

9-20-12 003

Marilyn, enjoying her wagon ride.

9-20-12 004

Always opportunists, the lads managed to catch a few ‘Z’s’ after eating their grain.

After lunch, I continued on to the southeast.  Traffic was heavy so I drove with one wheel on the paved shoulder and the other on the dirt alongside. While a little bumpier, this kept me free of the traffic. As I’m now only about 50 miles from Reno, the drivers are beginning to be in more of a hurry.  I talked to a Highway Patrolman today and he was of the opinion that many of the people on the road today were nuts.

This weekend, Reno is hosting a large motorcycle rally and there is a lot of bike traffic headed to the event. Sometime before then, I may aimlessly wander for a few days to let the bike traffic clear out and leave the roads less busy for our cross-city trek.  Besides, it’s been a long time since I’ve reached the level or irresponsibility achieved by a case of ‘aimless wandering’, and I’m about do for it!

9-20-12 005

A Mystery - Are Doc and Bill adopting Hollywood B.O.B.’s attitude toward cameras and ‘photo opportunities’, or do they have their eyes on the apple?

All afternoon, people were stopping to take pictures and chat. It was a pleasant drive.

9-20-12 006

This is Pam, who lives just down the road. She followed my travels through the first three trips, but hasn’t for Trip 4.  Having now met the team, I think she’ll have the website book marked once more.

Tonight I have a decent roadside camp with some grazing for the horses.  The grass is partially green so the guys are having a good time with it. I’m also far enough off the highway so the traffic isn’t too loud. Not bad, not bad at all.