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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
Stalking the Wild Asparagus


5/19/10 & 5/20/10

5/19/10, Redvale, CO - I spent a very relaxing day off, as a guest of the Wilson family. In the afternoon, I put new shoes on Billís rear feet. While Bill was getting new dancing shoes, Paul threw a saddle on Doc and took him or a ride.

The team spent most of the day with their heads buried in the grass. All in all, this was a very relaxing day.

5-20-10 001-1

A herd of six mule deer (all bucks) crossed the field, about 100 yards behind the wagon.

5-20-10 005

Then they settled in a grove of pinion trees (not far from the wagon).

6/20/10, Norwood, CO - It was a beautiful morning, that just kept getting better as the day went by.  After a great breakfast, the Wilsonís came out to help me hitch up. 

The morning drive was peaceful, with a lot of people stopping to say Ďhií. After a lunch by the side of the road, Casey Wilson dropped off her son Hunter, so he could ride with me for most of the afternoon.  Earlier in the day, a rancher picked me a small handful of asparagus from the side of the road, so that set the pace for our afternoon. When one of us would spy some old asparagus fern, Hunter would jump out of the wagon and go pick a handful. Both myself and the Wilsonís ended up with a pretty good sized bag of asparagus (Ewell Gibbons would have been proud of us).

5-20-10 009

Tying up lead ropes, with Lone Cone Mountain in the background.

When we got to Norwood, I first had to stop a the grocery store for a few things.  Paulís friend owned a great restaurant in town, and he decided to treat me for lunch. I have to admit, that was the best NY Strip sandwich I ever had! Meanwhile, out in the parking lot, a lot of kids had gathered to see the horses. Sadly, I said goodbye to the Wilsonís and headed out. 

I had a three mile drive to the top of Norwood Hill, where I had a prearranged stop with a nice family I met back in Dry Creek Basin.  Tonight weíre all real comfortable at Jessica and Joelís place and the horses are bedded down on some nice grass. 

As Iím moving into summer, the horses are getting less hay and more grass. I currently have 5 bales on the wagon, and Iím not going to stock anymore for right now.

Tomorrow, Iím headed for a roadside park on the San Miguel River, just to the west of Placerville.

5-20-10 011

Casey Wilson on the lines, while I tie B.O.B. to the back of the trailer.

5-20-10 016

Having found a nice clump of Asparagus, Hunter Wilson is moving in for the kill.

5-20-10 017

Approaching Norwood, CO

5-20-10 018

Some of the folks that came to see the horses when they were parked outside the restaurant.

5-20-10 019

A nice lady with two foster kids that she just picked up that day.