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Shoes and Rides


5/28/11, La Garita, CO - Iím still pining away some time here in La Garita.  On June 14th, I have to be in Jackson, MS for the civil trial regarding when the previous wagon was struck by a truck two years ago.  Unfortunately, even though the trucking company has admitted fault, theyíre even unwilling to settle for an amount sufficient to pay the bills and meet my direct costs. So the case will be heard in Jackson, MS Federal Court.  In the meantime, Iím resting up, shoeing up the team and going for occasional rides in the area. In the next couple of days, I plan on hitching up the wagon and taking it for a spin.

5-28-11 019

On a ride up Canerra Creek Canyon, Doc spies a heard of cattle across the creek. I think he wanted to chase cows, but I held him in and let them graze in peace.

Every once in a while, I have to slap myself in the face and truly appreciate what I have and what I can do.  While riding up the canyon today, I was amazed at the beautiful scenery that was all around me.  Astride Doc, one of the most powerful horses in the world, I moved through this awe-inspiring landscape, much as our ancestors did over a hundred years ago. 

Throughout the world, there are countless good people who hope that one day they can take a couple of weeks vacation and do the same.  But for me, itís only a saddle toss and a short ride away. Somehow, it just doesnít seem fair to all the good folk that donít get a chance to fully enjoy what our beautiful country has to offer.

5-28-11 020

ĎOl Doc waited patiently under the cottonwood tree while I took a break and chugged down a beer from the saddlebags.

The high country in these parts is incredibly dry. The snow pack was light and there hasnít been any spring rains.  Except for alongside the creeks, there is virtually no growth of grass.  Last year at this time, the grass was not only green , but about 8 inches tall. As such, Iím not in a hurry to head up to high country, but I might have something laid on.  Talk to yíall soon, Bob