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5/31/12, 26 miles North of Rock Springs, WY - Today was another day crossing the high desert, but one that definitely had a turn of events.

Last night, after I finished posting the blog, I had a visit from a very nice family from Mesa, AZ.  Three young ladies took particular delight in feeding the lads some treats and sitting on Billy. They promised to look me up when I pass near them next winter.

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I don’t think Bill has had three happier young ladies sit on his back then these girls.

As promised, I spent a couple of hours this morning putting shoes on B.O.B.  If it wasn’t for the buffalo gnats and the fact that he is such a heavy (expletive deleted), I would have done all four feet. As it was, I got his back two done.  An interesting side note - Since they have been on the road, the horses seem to be growing hoof at a lot faster rate. Sitting around the paddock (even with shoes on) they grew about 1/3 of an inch a month. Now that they are on the road, that has increased to greater than 1/2 inch per month.

5-31-12 002

I met Larry on this morning’s travels. He bicycles to stay fit and I caught him on his daily workout. Larry is a very pleasant guy and we had a lot to talk about.

In spite of our late departure (9:30 am) we still put in a 20 mile day.  I had my favorite team hitched (Doc and Bill) and they put away the miles. It was mostly an easy day of pulling, except for the climb on to the mesa, about 5 miles into the day.

The most remarkable thing for most of the day was the miles and miles of sagebrush that stretched to the horizon.  Interestingly enough; I last visited Wyoming as a Boy Scout in 1972. At that time, we camped in the National Forest, outside Teton National Park, at a place called Sagebrush Flats!

5-31-12 003

These antelope were very skittish.   Three days ago, while traveling on the mesa, I passed three black wild horses that were also a little spooky. The horses started rapidly running off when I was about a 1/2 mile away.

Tonight, we’re camped in another roadside camp amongst the sagebrush.  A couple of hours before sunset, two very nice couples stopped by to visit and share some beers. They’re from the town just down the road ten miles.  One of the couples, the Rose’s invited me to rest up for a day or two at their place where the horses will have a nice turnout with plenty of feed and water. After several hundred miles of travel in the high desert, over steep mountain passes and marginal feed, this is very welcome indeed.  So the lads and I are going to take a day or two off in a place called Eden, WY!

5-31-12 008

The snow covered Wind River Range, poking out above the sagebrush dotted landscape.

Signing off for the night, Bob Skelding, almost in Eden.