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Rough Night, Fantastic Day



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4/12/10, Lamy, NM - I had a rough night last night.  First of all, the team was restless when they were tied to the wagon. Then, they started rubbing on the wagon.  Next, Bob got his lead rope hung up on the trailer and almost tipped it over. If anybody had been around, I would have been quite a sight, running outside barefoot, in my shorts to calm him down. Finally, I was just going back to sleep, when I heard Doc call to a horse.  I quickly dressed and ran outside to find Bob walking around. When he freaked earlier, he bent the snap on his lead rope. Finally, I replaced the lead rope and went back to sleep - at 2 am.

I slept in until 6:30, and that was all the later that I was allowed.  When 3 tons of horseflesh is hungry, there really is no other choice than to get up and feed it.

Surprisingly, I felt pretty good this morning. I hitched up Bob and Doc and hit the road by 8:30.  The scenery continued to be fantastic and most of the grades were down hill.

At lunch, I met a nice couple from Colorado, who own a diner and a trading post.  They also do some trucking and have been following my progress from Fort Sumner.

I continued to meet people all day, before settling for the night at a very nice wide turnoff for the town of Lamy.  There’s plenty of water left over from the storm, so I didn’t have to deplete my stash.

People have been swinging by non-stop since I got here.  I really enjoy meeting them; including, a guy that left me some hay, Kathy, who brought some hay, and the Lehrman family, who brought their four cute kids.  The Lehrman’s have been reading Small Farmer’s Journal for sometime, and are looking forward to getting some draft horses of their own.

This was a really great day!


4-12-10 002

The scene that greeted me out the window when I ‘slept in’ until 6:30 am. This is after Bill knocked on the side of the wagon with his front hoof, saying, “Hello, are you going to sleep forever.  There’s some hungry horses out here that want their oats - Hello!”

4-12-10 003

Pretty Road

4-12-10 005

Jerry and Bonnie Nusbaum, from LaGarita, CO.  Jerry has been driving by me every couple of days for the past week.

4-12-10 007

Nice herd of horses - I would be happy to be seen on any of them.  I really liked the little filly.  This ranch is hosting a Western Movie shoot right now

4-12-10 008

A thunderstorm passing to the north. It missed us, but left the horses plenty to drink tonight.

4-12-10 010

A nice camping spot on a very wide right of way, at the turn off to Lamy, NM

Doc, up to his old tricks. Shown here with the Lehrman family.  They are working towards getting a pair of draft horses.  Good People!

4-12-10 012