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Riding With Brad


7/19/12, Lolo Creek Hot Springs, MT - Iím currently 4 miles east of the Hot Springs, having decided to quit a little early because of the heat.  I spent the day driving with my friend Brad Hall, with whom the team and I stayed last Sunday night when I was in the town of Potomac.  Brad was great company and did most of the driving as I relaxed as a passenger.

I had the team hitched and on the road by 7:30 AM. Bradís wife Miran dropped him off at the bridge leading to the road and we were off. All morning long, people were stopping to chat or waving as they went by.

7-19-12 001

Climbing higher in the canyon, the ponderosa pine forest gave way to thick stands of spruce and fir.

I had the two Belgians hitched, with Doc in harness in case I needed him.  I put him up front for about an hour, but the grade stayed shallow, so I retired him to the back of the trailer to make the drive easier.  (Itís a lot of work driving a unicorn).

Shortly before lunch, I met Tamar and her two children.  We gave the kids a short ride up to a campground where we all had lunch together. After lunch, with all the worldís problems solved, Brad and I hitched up and started back up the canyon.

7-19-12 002

One of the interesting people I met today was this very charismatic Dutch lady on a cross-country bicycle trip.

The weather stayed cool and nice until about 1 PM, when the temperature rapidly climbed to about 90 degrees. The team was getting hot, so I started casting about for a place to put in for the evening. With National Forest on all sides, it wasnít long before I found a nice turnout alongside the creek.

7-19-12 003

As I write this, itís now 9 PM and the horses have almost devoured their pasture. In just a few minutes, Iíll have to move the fence to give them something to eat tonight.

I donít have a cell signal and probably wonít for at least another week, but hopefully Iíll run into a wifi signal to post this blog. This was a great day.  Iím going to pull out early tomorrow and try and beat most of the heat.