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7/13/09, Shelbyville, IN - Tonight weíre at Joe Mohrís place, just a few miles west of Shelbyville. Joeís a good friend that I met on the first trip across Indiana, in December.  The horses and I are all set up first class. 

Joe had a round pen, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to see if they can be ridden. Until this time, Iíve been reluctant to try riding them as my bones hadnít all set up yet. After using the round pen to ensure they know who the boss is, I saddled up Bill first, then Bob and took them both for a spin. My gut feeling is that they hadnít been ridden before. Bill was a piece of cake, but Bob did hunch his back a little, but he smoothed right out in no time. Iíll ride them a few more times before I let anyone else sit on them.

Joe and his wife have been fantastic.  The horses and I will leave here so spoiled, weíre all going to be reluctant to hit the road tomorrow.

It was a nice drive here through the town of Franklin and around the big detour on route 44. We still managed to get in about 18 miles before stopping for a late lunch that turned into an overnight stay.

This was a really super day.

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