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Ranches and Canyons


9/11/12, N. Of Alturis, CA, (Coord. N.41 deg., 35.556 min.; W. 120 deg. 25.427 min.)

Tonight, I’m located 10 miles north of Alturis, CA.  It was a great day for driving with lots of sunshine, cooler temperatures and great people.

I had Doc and Bill out front this morning and they felt good and were pulling real good. Bill was bouncing all day and Doc had his ‘Hi-ho, hi-ho’, seven dwarf attitude.

9-11-12 001

I know that pictures of antelope grazing on hay circles is old news, but this picture was a little unusual.  First, the buck had a really nice set of horns. Also, the doe had a set of half-grown twin fawns.

Eight miles into the morning drive, I came to the really small town of Davis Creek.  There isn’t much to the town, but they do have a small store and a couple of gas pumps. Since the lads make more gas then we use, I settled for filling up my empty water jugs and buying a couple of cokes.

A few miles south of Davis Creek, I pulled over on a drive leading to a ranch for lunch. While I was there, I was visited by Larry, the Ranch Owner.  He had been out checking on some of his cows and putting out mineral salt. Now in his seventies, the best of days for Larry is throwing a saddle on his horse, taking his dog along and heading out to mess with some cows.  Larry and his son have 600  mama cows on several pieces of ground in the area.

9-11-12 003

A good horse, a good dog and a cool sunny day - all the ingredients for a great day!

Later in the afternoon, I reached the end of the valley for Goose Lake. Following a small stream, the highway wound along through a canyon on the way to Alturis.

9-11-12 005

A set of railroad tracks ran on the opposite side of the canyon. It looks like this car had a hard time keeping it’s wheels on the tracks.

Two miles down the canyon, I found a good camping spot for the evening.  With fresh water, semi-green quack grass, a flat spot to park the wagon, well off the highway is my idea of a great place to camp. It looks like the lads agreed with my assessment.  While B.O.B. was using a front hoof to splash creek water on his belly, Bill and Doc were busy stuffing themselves on good grass.

9-11-12 008

I managed to run the electric fence across the creek so they can get to water and the green grass on both banks. Before dark, I built another small pen for B.O.B. to reduce the possibility of a ‘horse breakout’ during the night.

This was a ‘Right Pleasant’ day!