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Quiet Day Ending at the Ranch



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12/4/09, Texaco, IL - This was a quiet day of back roads, driving through the rural countryside of Southern Illinois. 

Last night it got down to about 20 degrees, and their was a heavy frost this morning.  With the propane heater on low and the door to the porch open, it stayed quite pleasant in the cabin - the box-in job on the front of the wagon works pretty good at sealing in heat.

We left our hayfield camping spot, and stopped at the small market down the road. When traveling the back roads, it’s important to resupply when we can; it may be several days before another opportunity arises.

We spent the day traveling down rural roads, without almost any traffic. Lunch was on some soybean stubble, about 3/4 mile from the closest house.  To give you any idea of the changing face of America; we had access to a very clear WiFi signal at lunch. Obviously, this was for a farmer to have good internet access, while working his fields (the farm machinery of today is not the same as our grandfathers used).

Tonight, we are the guest of Jim and Susan, at the Texico Ranch. They have been super and ensured we have everything we need to be comfortable.

12-04-09 002

Dee-bird and I enjoying a beer at lunch

12-04-09 005

The Amigos, enjoying a break at a roadside Baptist Church.

12-04-09 011

B.O.B. - “I really enjoy this life, walking behind the trailer.  I think I should stay back here everyday, just in case I’m needed”!

12-04-09 014

The end of the day, at the Texico Ranch, Texico, IL

I’ve had several request to introduce Denise.  She is a longtime follower of my blog.  We met on my trip to Michigan.

To best describe her, I would say, “Life fills Dee, like water fills a well.”

9-3-09 014

Denise, AKA Dee or Dee-Bird